2003 year, Zhongyang was established in Wuxi,after 10 years the time flow,.have made unyielding efforts, Zhongyang from small to large has become the leading company of packing industry, pioneer of the development of ultra-fine powder packaging machine, b Become the up-rising star of automatic packaging stacking line. So far, ZhongYang people has developed super fine, hyper Hyper humid hyper sticky materials packaging machine in dozens of models. Widely used in all walks of life, including petrochemical, chemical, inorganic salt, soda ash, metallurgy, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, to fill the gaps a number of industries, and apply for more than one hundred patents, the industry authority approval. ZhongYang packaging as an industry leader, value the vitality, every product carefully to caress, to the pursuit of quality into every detail, customer satisfaction is the aim of the my
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